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Yes-sapien outcompetes its ancestor in the detritivorous niche it previously held, finally ending the dysentery-causing microbe’s reign of terror and low intelligence. Yes-sapien is similar to its ancestor in that while it can be detritivorous, its primary habitat is within other organisms, unlike its ancestor Yes-sapien somewhat promotes intelligence by having developed a primitive form of spiteosynthesis, hammering the protein-like compound apart with proteins able to snap quickly from one shape to another, and benefiting from the energy released by this process of splitting spite apart into its harmless components ([REDACTED] and [REDACTED] primarily), this promotes intelligence by removing the disadvantage of spite being toxic in higher concentrations, and higher intelligence is more likely to produce more spite in general. Yes-sapien is otherwise mostly like its ancestor in morphology other than having randomly developed an airborne haploid form that fuses with another haploid form to produce a Yes-sapien cell, allowing genetic exchange.