Worms of Inevitable Inconvenience

As many species of sophont died out, many populations of Sphere of imminent doom found on 2s2tworld often only had the Microscope sophont as a source of food and so they began to specialize on only eating them. When the microbe was replaced by the Nanosophonts, they were followed by the descendants of these Spheres of imminent doom known as the Worms of Inevitable Inconvenience.

While not exactly multicellular in the technical sense, the Worms of Inevitable Inconvenience colonies are so tightly knit together and act as a unit so effectively that they pretty much act like one. The one eye every species possesses can still see in every wavelength and thus allows them to navigate their surroundings and locate potential food. The two arms can be used for locomotion, grabbing onto things or simply to shove Nanosophonts into their front ends. While they do not have a set goal anymore, they inherit their ancestor's habits of causing massive die-offs by having ravenous appetites, often taking in several times their body weight in food every day. On 2s2tworld, the Worms of Inevitable Inconvenience have proven to be more adaptable than their ancestors in the general competitive scene. With the Sphere of imminent doom becoming extinct all over the planet except in Cube(where large sophonts are still abundant and thus they can fill a different niche and grow bigger than the Worms of Inevitable Inconvenience) and on Dingus where the Chi’plant exists but they have become a rare sight on that landmass. The Worms of Inevitable Inconvenience could not outcompete the spheres of death, meanwhile, because they could take in ambient levels of spite and thus avoid competition.