Whiptail Spitecell

As the Bruhs became more common, along with more kinds of predators becoming immune to moderate levels of spite, populations of Poopyspites took their adaptations to the next level. The Whiptail Spitecell has extremely high levels of spite built up in their systems, due to primarily feeding off of spite only while only supplementing this diet with detritus. Because of this, they are extremely toxic and will kill anything that does not have resistances to spite if they try to eat them and even those who do will likely get sick. As a further measure to deter predators, the flagellum of the Whiptail Spitecell has developed small barbs that can deliver the deadly doses of spite into an attacker if they get smacked with it. The cillia still help manipulate detritus to be eaten as well as assisting making sharper turns. The long flagellum still helps it flee from predators while additionally serving as a deadly defense. To help spot approaching danger, they have developed a photoreceptor at the very front that can detect movement.