Water Spite Flora

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As the Jello Spite Leaf thrived on land, they began to face inter-specific competition and so began to take to living in Oofle's water ways. From there, these more aquatic populations thrived and began to spread out into other aquatic areas and eventually became a wide variety of species. Along the way, they became a completely new group of organisms known as the Water Spite Flora.

Much like their ancestor, the Jello Spite Leaves are multicellular organisms who get all of their energy from spite(with a few exceptions). The large, leaf-shaped appendage every species possess helps to gather a larger amount of said spite from the water around them, with some species even having multiple leaves for a larger surface area to collect more spite. With that said, living on spite alone puts a relatively strict size limit on an organism and so the Water Spite Flora are extremely small, with few species getting larger than 15 centimeters in height and most being around 8-10 centimeters in height instead. While the species has long lost the ability to float through methane, not all species remain anchored to the sediment with a root-like base. Instead, some species of Water Spite Flora are able to move around, having turned their base into a bell-like structure akin to some terran jellyfish that they beat back and forth to move about in the water column. Most of these motile species live within the Fucking Trench area, where competition for space is mostly absent and the dead organisms from the surface come down as marine snow which these abyssal species of Water Spite Flora will take in to supplement their diet of spite, thus allowing them to grow larger than other species in the genus (up to 25 centimeters). All species in the genus group, however, still contain high amounts of spite in their tissues that is used to deter most predators from eating them.

The spread of the Water Spite Flora has also lead to the extinction of aquatic sphere of death populations, since they face competition from this group of organisms and from the Worms of Inevitable Inconvenience.