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The walrad, despite its name, is not at all walrus-like and acts more like a porpoise or harbor seal, being mostly solitary and, like the former, not coming upon shore (or into the sky) whatsoever (young are budded off ready to swim), they have had drastic anatomical changes to support their new lifestyle, most external armor is gone or buried under the skin, and the beak has shortened for a stronger bite for slicing prey as opposed to a longer range. They can hold their breath for 20 minutes, plenty of time to pursue aquatic prey or dive to catch glurplets from the deeper levels of their range, lastly, their thermal organ has been modified to allow primitive endothermy in the Walrad, heating up the surrounding water and their body, like terran swordfish. Allowing their bodies to work even in frigid oceans, thus meaning that though they were originally tropical, the walrad has colonized the poles as well. The walrad consumes small organisms by straining water through its beak, but it can only capture such organisms if they are 3cm or above, otherwise it chomps off chunks of meat from prey.