Vore-Committing Barkfish

From 2speccers2tools wiki

The Vore-Committing Barkfish is the result of Scrungulating Barkfish that hunt much larger prey. They are capable of extending their mouth up to 3 times Its original size to engulf prey whole, stretching their entire body to allow space to fit it in their “stomach”. They have adapted this stretchy body by turning its bark like skin into a dermis similar to what's found on a crocodile’s head. When in development the “bark” cracks up into multiple different tiny plates, so when the body stretches the plates will simply move away from each other. To keep the prey from escaping the front of the mouth contains rows of backwards facing toothy spikes. Once prey is captured they will tightly close both of the holes of their body to seal the prey inside it, eventually growing a temporary layer of skin on both entrances as they slowly digest their victim with enzymes. Before this happens it needs a secure spot to digest, so the moment prey is secured it will change orientation and awkwardly swim using its fin like a seahorse to find a safe spot to lay down in. It will remain in this dormant state for potentially months. In order to breathe in this state the Vore-Committing Barkfish can respire through its skin, especially through its back fin, sometimes undulating it to get more oxygen when needed. The reproduction has remained the same apart from the "seeds" shrinking to allow for more young to be made.