Vomit Poralp Tree

From 2speccers2tools wiki

To avoid competition with their ancestor, some populations of Poralp Tree began to use more green chloroplasts. Mixed in with their already brown chloroplasts, this resulted them having a sort of vomit color. They stack onto one another in long branching strands anchored to the substrate with the central stems having multiple cells for better support at such a large size. They reproduce by fission, budding and can regrow the colony via fragmentation. they stretch in large fields across the seabed. To deter predators, the Vomit Poralp Tree has begun to absorb ambient amounts of spite and incorporate it into their tissues. This results in anything not immune to spite to become poisoned and likely die. This defense has resulted in Vomit Poralp Trees being mostly safe from predators. Because of this, their reproductive rates have slightly slowed down.