Of the many organisms plunged into the subsurface ocean after the Void Schattolauren they were on failed to move away from the Ice Planet, resulting in falling to the surface, Cookie Cutter Voidskinks were one of the two species to survive, as one of their natural hosts also had; Oblilaurens. Voidleaches are tiny compared to their ancestor, mainly due to the larger array of generally smaller hosts available, and how they must be able to crawl on ice, or even just exist over it, without breaking it. Their arms have become more fine like to help with their new aquatic habitats, which mentioned with their long tail, method of swimming, and streamlined spikes, makes them rather effective swimmers. They are amphibious, being able to survive both in the subsurface ocean, and on the Notasbad Ice Sheet, where they parasitize Diverdooms. They also parasitize Aquablobs and the descendants of Oblilaurens. If their host ventures below 4 km deep, they will detach and swim upwards. Their bottom jaw is now also hinged, allowing them more mobility to bite chunks out of hosts.