One day, a colony of Mounding Ureust released its spores, though these were quickly gobbled up by a Cutter Schattolauren, though were not digested, instead, they began multiplying and feeding off them. Generations later, they breached the Cutter Schattolauren's skin, having become the Voidcold, a blue, fuzzy pathogen that lives all over the Void Belt, and is like its common cold, hence its name. Their blue coloration makes them conspicuous to other organism, so they may attract hosts better. They usually remain dormant on debris, Ureust, Void Schattolaurens, ect, though if they sense fauna nearby, they spring to life, swarming the host until it finds an entering, and goes in. they feed on background radiation while dormant, allowing them to live for many years without a host, though do not reproduce in this time. They sense potential hosts via light, so if they see a large change in something's position in a short time, that's when they activate. Inside a host, they continuously reproduce, either budding out new individuals, or producing new cells and throwing them out to form a new pathogen, and during this, they leach off their nutrients, and feed on their dead cells. Oddly, they have the ability to make organisms infected seek company, which is how they spread from host to host, as some will pass from one organism to another. If their host dies, they will consume what they can, then huddle up on a surface, before going dormant.