Void Worm

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Seeing Nanosophonts move to a new area encouraged Worms of Inevitable Inconvenience to follow, though, some saw something even better than eating smart cells most of the time; giant nutrient rich globs produced by adult Schattolaurens, resulting in this becoming the favorite food of what would become the Void Worm. They are very long, good for moving around on this massive organism, while their fingers are long and sharp, which is commonly used for locomotion and cutting up their favorite food to swallow chunks of it, which this stuff is also how they get so large. They are dark in coloration to avoid being seen by predators and prey alike, though consume live prey more rarely now, favoring dead matter and their favorite food more, being a prevalent scavenger of the ecosystem forming on Void Schattolaurens. They are capable of sort of swimming through space, which is how they spread from Void Schattolauren to Void Schattolauren. Due to their ravenous appetites, large populations can sometimes eat entire globs of the orange stuff meant to feed the adult Void Schattolauren's young, making them a tiny pest in this reguard.