Void Schattolauren

Off in the outer reaches of space, just barely surpassing the orbit of the Ice Planet, some Leafy Schattolauren saw the lack of competition, and took over, growing to even larger sizes than before, and even having a unique life cycle, resulting in the Void Schattolauren. They have countless lobes of varying sizes covering their body, Larger ones facing the sun, while smaller ones are usually out of view, and serve more for protecting its young than actually photosynthesizing. They now fully rely on spite and light as adults, barely even moving unless they feel as if they are getting tugged at by the gravity of something far larger than them. They have various red lights on their body that function as communication, and is usually used for their young, though in rare cases, they can even communicate with other adults this way. They tend to sweat out orange globs of nutrients in the pits between their smaller leaves, which these are meant to feed its young. Due to their size, they function as a miniature planet, being the perfect place for organisms far smaller than itself to settle down and multiply on.

Juveniles are very small, and in fact resemble the ancestral Schattolauren, just with far lankier arms, and multiple fins instead of lobes used exclusively for photosynthesis. They are very active and playful, not being aggressive at all, though will run off into a crevice if it feels threatened. It and the adults are fully multicellular at this point, the adults being like flora, and the juveniles being like fauna. The juveniles will feed on the orange globs secreted by their guardian, and will react to the lights they flash in certain manners, and may become confused and/or curious if it is something they do not understand. they themselves have lights of their own, though are more pink than their guardian's to avoid confusion, and often use these lights to communicate with other juveniles. Their arms are very long, which allow them to reach down tight spaces to grab things they may want, such as that orange stuff their guardian produces.

They start off as spores floating through the void, until they meet another and form a fertilized embryo, though will not begin growing until it latches onto an adult Void Schattolauren, which from there it matures into a juvenile. As they grow over the course of a couple decades, they gain more experience and knoledge, as many creatures do, until they are over four times their original size, which then they latch onto their guardian and turn into a sort of pupa. They grow for another few years, until they come out as a fully-formed, though rather small adult, and will take a few more decades to fully mature. Immature adults are far more active than sexually mature ones, being a lot more sensitive to attackers, and sometimes go off to either hide in, or attempt communicating with other adults.

A Juvenile Void Schattolauren.