Void Reaper

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While Swarming Void Schattolauren only went to the point they hatch from their cocoon, the Void Reapers went all the way to the juvenile stage, and instead of living off adult Void Schattolauren, decided to prey on the babies they protect. Morphologically, they are mostly the same as their ancestor's young, the main difference being their more muscular arms better for grabbing, and hooked tail that can be used like a third limb for walking and grabbing. They can move surprisingly fast, sometimes being able to outrun Swarming Void Schattolauren if the occasion arises. They are still rather curious, and tend to use what they learn against their prey, going from Void Schattolauren to Void Schattolauren to earn the trust of the babies there, even going as far as communicating with them, before lashing out and trying to eat one. They do not need a Void Schattolauren to mature, though if they do end up growing on one, they may end up favoring the orange globs they eat, until instincts take over and they become aggressive towards the ones it lived with. They will use their arms and tail to grab prey, and potentially run off with it to eat.