Void Piss Doom

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In the newly created ecosystem formed by the Void Schattolauren, some spores from a Beaked Piss Doom met with those of a Void Worm, and grew up into a hybrid of the two known as the Void Piss Doom. They are far longer than the Beaked Piss Doom, have a coloration more akin to Void Worms, which they inherited arms from, and are now omnivorous, eating whatever they can. Their form has become even mode stable, though can still move through small gaps with as much ease as an octopus, their only limit being their tough beak. They now use more of an orangish pigment for photosynthesis, which allows them to gather more light at this distance from the sun. One odd aspect of their anatomy is their tough, orange horns, which don't seem to serve much of a purpose other than gathering more light. They are voracious predators, and occasionally take on creatures larger than them, though not always succeeding. They can use their tentacles to wrap around prey, and their claws to tear them apart, which they may do before eating, if their prey is large enough to warrant this. They can just pick up smaller prey with any of their limbs. Despite this, they will also eat the leaves and globs of adult Void Schattolauren, making them just as important as the Cutter Schattolauren in this regard.