With the evolution of Cobblecoral and the strange-looking reefs they build, other organisms saw this as a new spot to inhabit, such as the Vantamat, a descendant of the Black Lithosemoeba that has evolved to be flat as a pancake. They are rather common, and surprisingly, sometimes hook up their colony with those of Cobblecoral and its ancestor if not living direct on sediment or rock, helping it live, especially if it is in a spot with very little light. Speaking of which, their dark coloration mostly helps with this, meaning that they could still live in a similar situation minus the extra minerals given to them, and this is just supplementary, as they can absorb minerals from the water around them. Due to their flat nature, they are very flexible, and sometimes manage to cover vast distances, only limited by surface area. They avoid killing Cobblecoral through their interconnected colonies, giving them nutrients if depraved of such. The reason they only live in reefs created by Cobblecoral is because of the general warmth and how close to the surface they can get at times, and spores that leave these reefs tend to enter a dormant state until they enter a habitat with similar conditions. Despite this, it is possible for them to activate in areas that get suddenly warm, such as thermal vents, though these quickly die off before they can form a colony, if not die of lack of sun and protection provided by the reefs.