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Image note: A Vandalauren Queen.

Mutations happen, and affect all things, this time affecting the Nesting Schattolauren a second time, resulting in a eusocial species called Vandalaurens. They have two castes, Queen and Worker, Queens being very large and providing the base of the hive as a whole, while the Workers do just about everything else, ranging from taking care of young, to foraging for food for the fest of the hive. They carve their nests inside of Void Schattolaurens, the Queen making the first tunnels in their early years before starting to reproduce. Queens generally live in a large room deep within the hive, where they produce hundreds of eggs each day, which some workers take into special rooms for taking care of them, others bringing in food to feed them. These eggs aren't eggs, in actuality, and are instead more of featureless babies that eventually take on the form of an adult of either of the two castes, Workers being much more common. Whether an individual will be a Worker or Queen is all up to chance, as they are actually fertile members of the species, while Workers are not, and Queens do it all by themselves. They are able to produce silk within their pad arms and fire it out the tips, this ability being very versatile and useful to Workers. Their fins end in claws used for crawling around within their hive, as the tunnels aren't exactly fit for floating around in most of the time, especially for the Queen, as there is only one tunnel they can travel through, and they made it themselves.

Queens are more fit for staying inside the nest and keeping the colony thriving, while Workers do all the hard work, carving out tunnels using sharp fins, scavenging for food outside and bringing it back in to feed their colony, ect. Workers sometimes spot asteroids outside their hive, and feel obligated to bring it back to their hive to expand it, and will try rallying as many Workers as possible to bring it in using their silk. Once they have brought it to an entrance, they will stick it over it and begin carving through it, which is usually harder and takes more work than going through the fleshy walls of the rest of their hive. Hives often have many entrances, as to avoid cluttering specific paths and preventing Workers from getting in or out, and helps when Workers bring in large loads. They can use their silk to connect many objects together, making them only have to make one trip to bring everything inside if they need to, if not many Workers can split it up. Workers are very capable of combat, some occasionally laying outside to watch for threats, and attack anything they see that could pose a threat to them and their hive. Out in the open, Workers foraging for food may hunt down other creatures in groups, using their sharp fins and blunt ends to kill and cut them apart, and may also use their silk to restrain them if possible. They are very social amongst their species, individuals passing their knowledge Inter others very often through lights, and allows hives to become surprisingly intelligent as a whole. Their claws can also be used offensively, and oddly enough, they have retained the eyelids of their ancestor's juveniles, and even the spikes in Workers, which allows them to wash their eyes out periodically, and focus light onto them better.

A Vandalauren Worker.