Urchin Schattolauren

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With the success of the Prickly Schattolauren, they became highly widespread across space, though, some began developing toxins, causing them to speciate. Urchin Schattolauren are very active, and often lay low to large surfaces looking for food like a sea urchin, hence their name, and will eat just about anything that doesn't move. Their newly developed toxins make then poisonous to eat, and can be ejected from their spikes if pressure is applied to them, and has caused their coloration to shift from a dark brown and red to a brighter brown to blues. They are covered in far more spikes for protection and to be more noticeable despite their smaller size, and often use their claws to grab onto and crawl across surfaces, or just remain in one spot while asleep. When more than two Urchin Schattolauren are close nearby, they will stay close to each other, forming a sort of herd and making it more likely their spores will meet when dispersed. They have developed another pair of limbs from massive lobes, and are used to make themselves appear larger and gather more light, as well as just increase their mobility.