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The population of Sky Radawks that landed on Beans adapted to their new island home by shrinking and becoming herbivores. While they may bear a coincidental resemblance to a certain hypercarnivorous terran bird, they are basically nothing but overgrown radioactive sparrows. At least, when they choose to be.

Uraniowls are characterized by their highly shortened face and binocular vision. Their forward-facing eyes are highly sensitive to small cyan objects, helping them see the seeds of Cyreeds from afar. This is basically the only thing they eat, as their radiation organ is now specialized to cut open the extremely durable seeds so that they can access the soft flesh inside using their beak, which is too weak to cut open the seeds by itself. Their center eye has undergone a radical transformation, losing its photoreceptors to become an opaque, multifaceted drum-like structure: the compound ear. Unlike their relatives, they spend most of their time on the ground, and aren’t as good at flight as their relatives, being more comparable to a chicken or wild turkey. The claws on their wings have become hooves to allow them to run faster on the ground, the spike on the tail assuming the same function. What remains of the hindlimbs still have claws for extra traction on rocky surfaces, so that they can better climb on the rocks in the volcanic biome. The spikes on their back are likely a display structure or thermoregulatory organ, just like nearly all of the structures that terran mesozoic fauna had which we can’t think of any other good use for. The wing claw has gained external armor for protection.