UpgrAids I

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The SIFs have begun the domestication process of Piss aids, turning into the UpgrAids I.


After the catastrophic Piss aids pandemic in the piss belt, some SIFs culture a descendant that both kills its ancestor and also slightly upgrades their host. For now it is decently regulated as the spore cannons have been developed into Canisters, which is like a removable fruit capsule type deal.

Life cycle:[edit]

After being opened from its canister and put onto a Piss child, they start becoming a part of their host (but still a separate 'organism') and start adding structures/tweaking and slightly improving the bodily functions and structures of the Piss children.

Once they reach maximum colony size and effectively maintains the entire machine fauna, they start developing fruiting bodies, known as Canisters. These hold the 'spores' (nanobots) that can restart the life cycle once more.