Ultra Doom

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After the Cacodoomer was bred into existence by Big M'ungus on the Gas Planet tired of fearing the attack of a Cacodoom, some still felt unsafe, and decided to bring them even further, going across the entire solar system, grabbing various species of Doom to hybridize with the Cacodoomer. They collected a total of seven species, and spliced their genetics with those of Cacodomers so that their offspring would inherit the traits of all seven, and they could go from there, however, the offspring came out far larger than expected, and a dark grey in coloration, eventually breaking out of captivity and destroying the spaceship they were on and ate everyone onboard, even the other creatures that had been captured. These km-long beasts are now known as Ultra Dooms, and are voracious predators, and look like an amalgamation of the entire Doom lineage, or at least of what was known of at the time by the M'ungi. They had the roots and leaves of a SLID, the sensory organ of a SoIF, the dangerous levels of spite of a Cacodoom, the fragmenting abilities of a Cold Doom, the extra lobes and dark color of a Schattolauren, And the long body and fingers of a WoII. They still retained the jaws, claws, spikes, and membranes of a Cacodoomer, though they weren't as friendly as before, instead, appearing more wild, to fit their nature as a science experiment gone feral.

They are voracious predators, chasing down anything they see, even Machine Fauna, and will do whatever they can to eat them, and this means sometimes spitting out highly concentrated blasts of spite, which it is somehow able to prevent from knocking itself back. Their roots constantly drag behind the rest of their body, and due to their frail structure, often break apart, though these fragments slowly regrow into new individuals, if they are not eaten first. Their sensory organ doesn't just allow them to tell when flora is ripe, but also fauna, using it to pick out the most mature and filling individual in a group. Due to their genetics containing those from a Semasand, they are capable of gaining energy from heat and rocks, while those of a Schattolauren allow them to turn sunlight into energy. Their range extends as far out as the Void Belt, where they are apex predators, and are only conquered by the occasional tribe of Omega Oblilauren that feel they could take down the fowl beast. They have shaped their religion in ways that involves a massive, universe-devouring demon serpent, which can only be stopped if slain, and other variations of this, some even believing they are a god themselves. Oddly, they will not attack anything larger than 10 kilometers, meaning stuff like Piss Planets and Migratory Pissbacks are safe from them. The only time they are not killing and eating everything on sight is when they are asleep, which they tend to sleep for several years at a time, and feed for a months weeks. They do not inhabit any planets due to their cellular structure and weight, as if they approached even the Ice Planet, they would be crushed under their own body weight. Oddly, they also fear their creators somewhat, and venture towards the Gas Planet the least out of the four planets, which isn't very much to begin with.

They occasionally perch on Migratory Pissbacks and other similarly massive organisms and objects, where they may rest, if they do not do it while drifting.