Ultimate m'ungus machine

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The ultimate m'ungus machine happened when m'unguses figured out genetic modification, 50,000 years after their birth. they started with an Asshole cell and modified it into a 5 km tall superorganism. this organism is capable of launching a giant biogenic radiation-resistant rocket directly into space, allowing the m'ungus to colonize every other planet. the science of this organism is classified, and i may be arrested by m'ungus forces should i share it, but it is public that the barrel is augumented with a giant electromagnet, allowing the rocket to be railgunned into space at 100% accuracy. there is only one ultimate m'ungus machine, located at a top secret m'ungus laboratory known as Poop Mesa, where they are also experimenting with other dimensions and are currently working on analyzing the largest sample of anti-matter they have yet.