Two-eyed Voidskink

With the more diverse array of flora that the successful Armored Voidskink could feed on, there was far more food available, so some speciated into a far larger form more specialized in a herbivorous lifestyle, resulting in the Two-eyed Voidskink. As their name suggests, they have two eyes, as opposed to the usual one, both being like those of a goat's, and each at the sides of their head, offering as wide of a vision as possible to look for predators. They have developed large spikes on their exoskeleton, as to harm predators that attack its topside. However, its bottom side is more soft for armor, and is more flexible, even going under the rest of their armor. They have indents in four of their six body segments, which have no known purpose. Their neck is rather flexible, compared to their ancestor, helping to reach around to grab food and look for predators. Their toes are somewhat hook-like, which allows them to latch onto surfaces quite well. Despite their larger size, they are still vulnerable, and are just as, if not slightly less skittish than their ancestor, though is most commonly startled by quick movements, slower ones being less scary to them. It is possible to at least temporarily gain their trust by giving them food, and may result in them getting attached if done enough.