Twin Tailed Death Noodle

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By a chance mutation, the two back cells doubled, allowing the ancestors of the noodle Twin Tailed Death Noodle to swim faster due to more flagella. Their "nostrils" , which are really just two holes that lead to some special proteins, allow them to track prey with for chenoreception. Combined with their photorecptors inherited from the Bruh Cells, the Twin Tailed Death Noodle can efficiently track down its prey do devour with its teeth. The sharp nose is still used to stab prey before the Twin Tailed Death Noodle violently shakes it to rip the prey apart. The two middle cells still help with storage among other metabolic functions, while the two pairs of poopcell-derived cells have flagella to help swim quickly. They still lack the ability to consume spite after their distant ancestors lost it, making them unable to feed on prey such as Bruhs.