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The Turdturf is an offshoot of the Poostalks that has adapted to take advantage of the nutrient-rich waters of 2s2tworld’s southern seas.

The cool coastal waters of southern 2s2tworld are rather productive, being near strong fluxes of oxygen- and nutrient-carrying currents. The transfer of these essentials is crucial for the Turdturf’s growth, being four times as tall as ancestral Poostalks on average. The Turdturf’s branches end in broad, vivid ochre blades where photosynthesis is most productive; these blades shoot upwards from the substrate, ensuring productivity whilst providing space for conspecifics. Radiating holdfasts help anchor the Turdturf onto the substrate. Cells composing the stipe and holdfasts contain very little plastids, instead serving as nutrient storage and structural support.

Similar to the related Lawn Poralp, Turdturf buds clones profusely from runner-like holdfasts, provided there is enough space and nutrient availability. As austral storms inevitably rip through these groves of ochre, severed blades end up being carried by the waves, travelling far until they settle and become a new whole Turdturf.

Turdturf can cover a variety of surfaces in dense carpets, providing food and shelter for many fauna.