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Rather than cutting down trees with the radiation cannon, which is destructive and leaves them with less food thus making it unsustainable, some populations of turdles shifted towards reaching towards the leaves instead. To better reach these leaves, they became much much bigger and gave rise to the Turdaton. The Turdatons spend a lot of their time eating, reaching for leaves and branches of canarflora and nomflora with their very long neck. Their large shell has developed a saddle-shape to help the Turdaton better reach for its food while the Turdaton has also developed a larger hind gut to better break down the flora they consume. Their legs have become more robust to better support its weight, with the front limbs having become semi erect to give the Turdaton extra height to reach for its food. The lead shell, combined with their gigantic size, leaves the Turdaton immune to predators once they reach their adult size, so they do not use their lasers at all. Younger Turdatons only have to worry about predators on occasion such as the Radrake and will primarily rely on their shell for protecting. If necessary, however, the young Turdatons can use their radiation cannon to defend themselves, which can absolutely demolish a potential attacker.