Trojan Schattolauren

A bizarre thing happened in the evolution of this species, the Trojan Schattolauren, which are also referred to as Children, Void Children, and Trojan Voidlings. They are very much neotenic, and strongly resemble the young of their ancestor, with a few big differences, though that isn't even the weirdest part; they have a symbiosis with a creature known as the Trojan Piss Doom. In this symbiosis, the Trojan Piss Doom watches over several Trojan Schattolauren, no matter their age, and provide them with protection, while the Trojan Schattolauren give away the location of Nesting Schattolauren nests, and even how many babies there are inside, so that when the adult is away, they may eat the babies within. Trojan Schattolauren have somewhat longer arms and larger hand pads, as well as more spikes for protection in case they are directly attacked. They also have developed blunt and cutting weapons, though don't know how to use these, and usually only learn how to use these when in nests. Their 'eyelid' is more developed, and allows them to sort of blink, closing their eye up and filling the pocket they formed with fluid to disinfect the spot and trap unwanted debris and organisms, before opening it and firing it out in a floating glob. They are very curious and playful, though also rather skittish when faced with known threats, hiding in their guardian's tentacles if they get scared, though if they are not nearby or there isn't enough space, they may try hiding under some leaves, if not just run away.

They communicate a lot with the juveniles and adults at dens, though know not to get attached to any of them, and use it as more of a learning opportunity, and may try telling others of their species stuff they learned, and sometimes try teaching them stuff. They may also try talking with other Schattolauren, though are usually met with their guardian taking them away. Their eyelids can allow them to show some emotions, which they usually showcase around their guardian and others of their own species. They love snacking on leaves and the orange globs produced by Void Schattolaurens, and are sometimes offered food by their guardian, which they may or may not check out and/or take.