Trojan Piss Doom

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With nests now being in the so-called Void Belt, there is now a new possible niche in the form of nest raiders, so a group of Void Piss Doom did just that, though in a very unique way, developing a symbiosis with a neotenic descendant of the Nesting Schattolauren, becoming the Trojan Piss Doom. They will adopt up to five of these of these Schattolauren at a time, and watch over and protect them as if they were its own children, protecting them from potential predators, and letting them hide in its tentacles. They have adopted the curious and somewhat playful nature of the ones they watch over, sometimes playing with them and/or toying with smaller organisms, while still trying to keep an eye on its children. They will occasionally snack on the leaves of Void Schattolaurens, as well as any carcasses they find floating around, sometimes even offering stuff to their children, though will eat it themselves if they ignore or refuse it.

If they spot an adult Nesting Schattolauren, they will notify their children to try being taken in by them, which from there, if at least one is taken in, they will follow it to their nest, always trying to stay out of sight. Once they get to it, they will hide outside and wait for them to go out to forage for food. Then they will quickly go inside the nest and kill and eat any baby Nesting Schattolauren that are inside, trying to do this as fast as possible to try avoiding the wrath of their parent, then leave. Their serrated beak and sharp claws are effective weapons, being able to tear apart predator and prey alike. If them or their children are threatened, they will stand their ground and try scaring them off by showing off their claws and trying to look bigger, though if this does not work, they will attack.