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When the piss trees of Dingus became extinct, the Tallerish pouse populations on Dingus died out with them. This left the niche of a truly enormous high browser wide open, so some Turdatons would evolve to fill it, becoming the gigantic Titurdle. With their four legs being fully erect and column like to support its immense weight, the Titurdle's massive size means their even longer necks have a far bigger feeding envelope than any other turdles in the area. Their massive size and thick lead shells means nothing can tackle an adult. Even the youngsters are relatively safe, as they start life after budding off from the parent at 2 meters long. Because they can rely on these defenses, the radiation organ is completely vestigial, having become absolutely tiny and serving no purpose at all. Much like their ancestors, the Titurdle retains the saddle-shaped shell to help them reach higher up into the trees for them to feed. The large hindgut of the Turdaton has become even larger in the Titurdle so they can get even more nutrients from their food to support their bulk. Since nothing is around that can threaten them, the Titurdle has evolved a large, brightly colored throat flap to communicate with others of their kind, the structure also serving as a mechanism to shed excess heat.