The Thorny Pisstower evolved within the zone between the Dingus Desert and the more tropical habitats, often being called the “Dingus Scrub”. This particular area sees not as frequent rainfall as more tropical areas and so Nomflora become rare and only specialized Canarflora species are abundant. This presented the local Prickly Pissbushes the rare opportunity to become larger and fill niches they could not otherwise occupy. This would to lead to some populations becoming bigger and spending more time as "pissbabies" until they eventually became the Thorny Pisstower. The Thorny Pisstower still has lead present in their cells, being highly concentrated in the thorny leaves to dissuade herbivores such as the local turdles from grazing on them. As they grow, the immature "pissbaby" stage takes in ambient levels of spite for energy and incorporating it into their cells to help deter predators, especially within their thorns. Thorny Pisstower spend a much longer period of time in their "pissbaby" stage than their ancestor, often taking several years to grow their enormous helium sack and sever themselves from their lowermost section to float into the sky. Adult Thorny Pisstower still blast out streams of spores downwards to increase the chances of their young growing in a favorable spot, but will eventually empty their loads and perish as they now only exist to reproduce. The Thorny Pisstower also reproduces by having new individuals grow from the roots of their "pissbaby" form, allowing them to quickly spread throughout the "Dingus Scrub".