Teuthohead Wiggeel

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As wigglers begin to diversify and become larger, it was a matter of time that species would evolve to prey upon this. This resulted in the evolution of the Teuthohead Wiggeel, which evolved from populations of Radio-Nomming Wiggler that began to feed upon their neighbors for sustenance. The tendrils on the first segment inherited from their ancestor have become large grasping appendages that aid the Teuthohead Wiggeel with grabbing prey to then be consumed. the small cilia above their tendrils have become long and whisker-like as they detect vibrations in the water for movement. The Teuthohead Wiggeel's segments have developed flattneed ridges on the dorsal and ventral surface, acting somewhat like a fin to help the wiggler with swimming after prey. Their row of eyes have become much larger to take in as much visual information as possible, while the first two segments of the wiggler have become a distinct head for greater flexibility. Due to their multicellular native and large size, the Teuthohead Wiggeelproduces high amounts of background radiation, though its nothing to write home about in its local ecosystem since almost everything there is radioactive anyways including their prey. While the Teuthohead Wiggeel are macropredators, adult Grazing Wiggeel are too large for them to tackle so they instead hunt younger members of the species, meanwhile the Horrible Radiobunker is off the menu due to the Teuthohead Wiggeel having no way to get past their armor.

The Teuthohead Wiggeel still releases gametes into the water, which then get fertilized by the gametes of other individuals and then become new Teuthohead Wiggeels. These youngsters get preyed upon by certain Dual-Eyed Wiggler species that have a immunity to spite and adult Teuthohead Wiggeels, who will happily eat the juveniles. This moderatly high mortality rate helps maintain the Teuthohead Wiggeel's population so they don't become too numerous and eat all the available prey.