Terror Bruh

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As much of their prey diversified and grew in size along with developing defenses, the Oh No Bruhs would also respond with some individual growing larger and larger. Over time, these would rise rise to the Terror Bruh, a group of giant Bruhs who have further specialized in the art of killing fauna. The Terror Bruhs are not too different from their ancestor at a casual glance, indeed their main differences from their ancestor are their larger size and some of their adaptations taken to the next level. Firstly, the Terror Bruhs have developed even more spines along their facial appendages and incorporating a larger amount of lead to better help them tear apart large prey such as Scrimpes or Jello-Fishes. The "fin-skirt" has also become larger and more developed, allowing the Terror Bruh to beat it back and forth in an undulating motion which allows them to achieve rapid acceleration while still maintaining high mobility. Like other Grabbruhs, they stick tuck in their prehensile noses to reduce drag. After tearing its prey apart with it many noses, the Terror Bruhs will then eat the food with its teeth. The photoreceptors still help track down its victims as well as watch out for potential competition in the ecosystem such as predatory Dual-Eyed Wigglers and other Terror Bruhs. At the time the Terror Bruh evolves, they dominate the water sheds of Dingus as one of the largest predatory organisms in the rivers. Not since the early days of 2s2tworld's history have Bruhs dominated their environment as apex predators.