Table Frondcoral

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With the evolution of the Cobblecoral allowing larger reefs to form, a group of Fronded Semacoral started connecting to sideways surfaces often, resulting in the Table Frondcoral. They tend to settle on steep slopes, cliffs, ect, which results in them often looking sort of like a right angle, though, they can still grow upright, but these are rare and usually happen in generally flat areas. They have developed smaller, individual fronds across their body, which helps them gather more sunlight. They are very soft, despite their appearance, and are easily preyed upon by organisms without a resistance to spite, and their only defences other than this are their powerful immune system and bitter taste. When growing on an object their roots cannot easily penetrate, they stick to the surface via secretions similar to their waste, though concentrated to the point it is hard and sticks them to whatever they may be on. They also don't necessarily need their roots to gather nutrients, as they can absorb nutrients through their skin. They are very common in warm, shallow reefs where Cobblecoral grows, as they provide a good place to take root, and get extra nutrients from their shell.