Swimming Poostalk

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With the water ways of Dingus become very crowded, one species of Poostalk would develop adaptations to help give them a competitive edge over most of the other flora species. This would result in them diverging into a unique species known as the Swimming Poostalk. In many ways it is not too different from other members of the genus, being a fully multicellular organism with each cell having large brownish-green pigments for photosynthesis. Also in a similar fashion to other species of Poostalk native to Dingus, the Swimming Poostalk has a resistance to radiation. The three largest differences go hand in hand with one another, the first being the development of an eye-spot on the very end of their branches that can detect differences between light and shadow and thus see what is around them to an extent. If the area around them becomes crowded with flora and light becomes hard to access, the Swimming Poostalk is able to pull its own small root system out of the sediment and enter the water column. Once they are out of the sediment, the Swimming Poostalk will thrash around back and forth to move a considerable distance from competing species. Only when they sense nothing around them do they replant themselves in the sediment. While this strategy does also allow the Swimming Poostalk to also escape certain deadly situations, it is far from perfect and so they still rely upon rapid reproductive rates to keep up with the intensive predation pressures.