Swimming Oblilauren

It was a normal, calm day, most organisms were at rest, Lurking Piss Dooms were writhing through leaves, Slithering Voidstars were looking for food, Cutter Schattolaurens were hacking away at the foliage. It was all normal, until the Void Schattolauren began getting pulled into the gravity of the Ice Planet, slowly pulling it closer and closer at a progressively faster and faster pase, until it finally tried moving away, but it was too late, it had already gotten too close, and fell to the surface, breaking through the ice sheet and into the subsurface ocean. It later died of a mixture of wounds, starvation, and water pressure, and many other organisms that came with it met a similar fate as well. However, there were two species who managed ton survive this, Oblilaurens and Cookie Cutter Voidskinks, the two promptly adapting to their new environment and speciating. Oblilaurens became a species known as Swimming Oblilaurens, which had a much more streamlined, fish-like body fit for swimming, and a far smaller size due to the food available. They have virtually the same intelligence level as their ancestor, though may be a bit higher, due to them farming a subspecies of Aquablobs able to produce heat like their ancestors, which they use for both food and making homes and stuff in ice, they will even attack any Diverdooms they see looking to eating one.

Their top and bottom fins have extended lobes with eight hairs each, which function like a coronal arms when they need to carry stuff somewhere. Their side fins are still long, though somewhat thinner now, as to remain streamlined. Their additional fins are Also more devsloped, as both pairs are used greatly while swimming, even substituting as a tail in cases their arms are taken up. They are still very social, living in families of up to 12 and occasionally contacting others, rarely showing aggression towards other groups. The most interesting thing about them is how they melt images into the walls, floors, and ceilings of their homes, which may be used to tell information without the use of flashing lights They will eat just about anything, not just Aquablobs they farm, though know not to go for things shrouded in green mist, as it is toxic. Voidleaches are somewhat of a nuisance for them, so they will try warding them off if posible, though just let it happen if one gets to them. However, some that manage to live in deeper waters have figured out that going below a certain depth will cause them to flee. As they protect Aquablobs from predators, and don't always eat them, they have learned not to run away when they see one, making it easy for them to be farmed. Their secondary fins appear to have three digits, though these are merely cosmetic, and serve no real reason apart from looking cool.

Some have also learned that thick ice can be melted into specific shapes for use as weapons, usually creating sharp icicles and the such to use for hunting and defending Aquablobs. They still share many behavioral characteristic with their ancestor, such as the spikes on the sides of their face being used to give off specific emotions, hunting in groups, being curious about literally everything, ect. They have a rather curious behavior for a Doom; they can feel a sense of arousal towards others of their own kind, and may try getting to release their spores with them so that they have a higher chance of fertilizing each other's. Juveniles start looking for a family to join as soon as they are developed enough, and before then, will try eating Aquablobs. They live much like their ancestor's young, apart from how they mature slower, and funily enough, shrink in the cocoon, as they grow larger than adults as juveniles.