Swarming Void Schattolauren

As Void Schattolaurens spread, mutations were bound to happen, this just being one example, the neotenic Swarming Void Schattolauren. Their juveniles live exactly like their ancestor's, even acting as if they were the same species, though the differences become apparent after metamorphosizing. Their bodies are very small and slim compared to their ancestor, and come out usually the same size all throughout, the differences only being a few meters, though they quickly correct this if they are smaller by growing to their full size. They are very fast and active, moving around using their eight fins, and communicating with not just others of their own species, but also other species with the lights covering their bodies, the large strips allowing for more complex communication amongst their own kind. They are very social, being found in groups ranging from 2-7, where they all try getting as much food and sunlight as possible, while also fueling their curiosities. They will sometimes hunt down prey as a group, which may include more basal Dooms, such as Leafy Schattolaurens. They are capable of exchanging nutrients via touching each other with speudopods extended from their face. They occasionally bud out fully-formed, yet tiny individuals from their backside.