Striding Radiostinger

Some Armored Radiostingers decided to finally venture into deeper waters after developing slightly better vision, though got trapped, losing their ability to photosymthesizs and being forced to adapt. They are benthic, being unable to swim very effectively due to their degraded lobes, and their tentacles have taken over as limbs, being very muscular, especially near the end, where it forks into two. They are covered in spikes to avoid predation, which interestingly, contain nematocysts at the end, allowing them to make it extra painful if something presses up against them. They barely predate now, only feeding on scraps and carcasses they come across, their three claws being able to tear flesh apart, and how their mouth now has a sort of 'lip' that makes it so that they don't have to use their lobes to close it up now. They rely greatly on their sense of touch and electrocepetion to sense their environment, as not much light reaches down there, making its eyes nor nearly as advantageous as they would be otherwise. They tend to crawl around the sea floor in groups of up to eight, and walk on fourteen of their fifteen tentacles, the others being used as arms to handle food.