Stream-Tree Plortwort

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As organic matter was washed into the river systems of Dingus by rain, the high amounts of nutrients tempted the local species of the Mushrooms Which Must Logically Exist to Maintain a Biosphere genus group to get their roots into the water. Their largest problem was reproduction, with the one species that adapted to solve this problem becoming the Stream-Tree Plortwort. Much like their ancestor and close relatives, the Stream-Tree Plortwort completely lacks plastids, and instead use their root systems to break down organic matter for nutrients. With the high abundance of dead biomass in the river systems, the Stream-Tree Plortworts absolutely florish and monopolize the role of decomposers among the local flora. Much like other species of the MWMLEtMaB genus group native to Dingus, the Stream-Tree Plortwort have a large amount of lead found in their tissues which helps them tolerate the moderate amounts of background radiation.

Like other species in the genus group, the branches of the Stream-Tree Plortwort function as spore-producing stalks, with large caps at the top of each branch being filled with them. Unlike their relatives, however, the Stream-Tree Plortwort will not have their caps bursting when they obtain enough nutrients. The caps will instead detach from the parent and drift in the currents before being deposited somewhere else.

Since their evolution, they have become integral in recycling essential nutrients within the Dingus river systems.