With a relative lack of competition, some populations of Oof mamal shifted towards becoming browsers and thus gave rise to the Stelzeubringer. Its patterns of brown, yellow, and cyan help them blend in with the primary groups of flora they live alongside to provide some camouflage to thus hide them from things like large predatory skroungers, the MEGA BOX!!!1!!111!!, or the ferocious Benderfragen. Their radiation organ is still well developed, but the laser has lost most of its lenses, only retaining a single small lense. This adaptation is beneficial, however, since it means the beam is more refined and powerful and can thus do more damage to an attack such as a Benderfragen. Most of its other threats are typically slower moving and thus the long and erect limbs of the Stelzeubringer allow it to gallop away at great speeds. The tiny second digit and the horny projection of their hoof on each leg has become sharp to deliver powerful kicks, though this is primarily on the hindlimbs while the forelimbs have these structures reduced in size.

Their robot-like serrations of the beak prove helpful in grabbing vegetation and ripping off pieces to be swallowed whole, since unlike their cousins on Kamm the Stelzeubringer lacks the ability to chew and thus must eat in bulk to get the same amount of nutrients. Due to living in a warmer climate and being larger overall, the Stelzeubringer has less fur than its ancestors, with the underside and lower parts of the hindlimbs being devoid of fur. The butt of the Stelzeubringer is also completely devoid of fur, but has also become brightly colored as the Stelzeubringer's are social fauna but being deaf meant they needed to use visual signals for communication.