Stalked Radioshrub

With interspecific competition among themselves along with competition from the Horrible Piss Bush, one lineage of Radiobushes would become bigger to gain a height advantage and became the Stalked Radioshrub. To help support themselves with their larger height, the Stalked Radioshrub has developed a larger root system, and the stem has been encased in a trunk made of plumbochitin. Much like their ancestors, the Stalked Radioshrub gets their energy from sunlight, radiation, and taking in ambient amounts of spite from the air. Their larger leaf-like lobes mean a greater surface area to get even more of these resources. The Stalked Radioshrub still retains the cell wall-like structures and the lead around their cell's nuclei to protect them from their own radiation. The Stalked Radioshrub has graduated into making proper spores, which get carried by the wind a certain distance before landing somewhere else and becoming a new Stalked Radioshrub. The species does particularly well on the southern parts of the island, where the slightly warmer temperature better suits them although the island as a whole has been gradually warming due to the radioflora and their background radiation.