Stalked Pootower

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With increased predation pressures from both Jello-Fishes and Scrimpes, some populations of Giant River Poostalks would begin to cover themselves with a "trunk" to deter these organisms from grazing upon them. Among other changes, the development of the protective shell would lead to the evolution of the Stalked Pootower. This species of poop flora at first will resemble its ancestor and relatives when it starts to grow, with their cells having have their large brownish-green pigments for photosynthesis. Much like its ancestor, the Stalked Pootower also still has a resistance to radiation, which is necessary for it to make a living with Dingus. It really begins to show its differences, however, as it continues to grow since the root systems collect minerals from the sediment they grow in along with nutrients. As the Stalked Pootower branches outwards over and over, the very tip of these branches are wide and leaf-shaped to get more sunlight while the stem these branches grow out of begins to secrete the minerals they had gathered from the sediment. This eventually hardens into something that could be described as a mixture between a trunk and a shell. This structure provides protection from grazing herbivores since it would take more effort to get through the "trunk" and the Stalked Pootower can merely grow back any leaves that get eaten off. Much like its ancestor, the Stalked Pootower reproduces by budding or fragmentation, breeding extremely quickly to keep up with the herbivores that feed upon them since while their adaptation is a good deterrent it may not stop something like a hungry Wading Redhead.