Stalked Piss Reed

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When competition within Cube began to intensify as new species of flora evolved and others showed up on the scene, some populations of Piss grass got pushed towards coastal environments. Here, the Spotted Radiomolds thrive and thus the beaches have a higher amount of background radiation than inland habitats. To make a successful living in these areas, these populations of piss grass would begin incorporating lead into their tissues to tolerate the radioactive conditions. Along with a more extensive root system to keep themselves firmly in place within the loose sediment and a taller stem to better stick out of the water when the tide comes it, these changes would lead to the coastal populations of piss grass to become the Stalked Piss Reed. The development of a stem helps keep most of the leaves of of the water and so gives the Stalked Piss Reed access to air since they still need it. This adaptation does mean the species is relegated to shallow waters at most, but the presence of the Spotted Radiomolds means not much competition grows here and so the species positively thrives in their narrow range. Much like their ancestor, the Stalked Piss Reed releases a large amount of spores at once, with most individuals in the area doing it at the same time. This often means the air can become yellow in piss spores when Stalked Piss Reeds breed along the coast.