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The Stabbiclongulator is the result of a population of Omniclongulators in Kamm Forest that grew 5% smaller than other Omniclongulators. As a result they had to develop additional defences and strategies to both fend off danger and hunt prey. The Stabbiclongulator has a green colouration to camouflage with plants, allowing them to go unnoticed by both predators and prey. To defend themselves while being a whopping 5% smaller than their ancestor required additional strategies to stay alive. On their gun snoot is a keratin bayonet, this is used to defend themselves in close range and finish off prey, similar to a terran WWI army guy. Their neck has also thickened to allow better use of the weapon. To allow themselves to move ever so slightly faster they have evolved an extended structure on both feet that functions similar to toes; in which they are pushed off of to allow more leverage. These defences and of course the smaller size are the only developments that differ them from their ancestor. They are not present on Kamm Beach because their green camouflage does not work on sand.