Spotted Radiomold

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Overtime, some Radiationcell's would spread north and subsequently thrive due to the Radiodurus minimae lineage being uncommon in the region. To help protect themselves against the local predators, the Radiationcells came together into colonial mats among other adaptations. This would lead to the evolution of the Spotted Radiomold, though at first glance an individual cell does not look too different from their ancestor. Much like their ancestor, individual Spotted Radiomold cells have a large donut-shaped organelle at their center to produce energy from the fusion of heavy water to create helium isotopes. They can also photosynthesize to make sugars and oxygen and even naturally take in spite from the environment for energy. They lives on the seabed, sometimes forming large crusts of algae-like organisms that make the water around slightly radioactive which usually deters most potential predators. Just like their ancestor, the nucleus membrane of a Spotted Radiomold cell incorporates lead into it so as to provide shielding so it doesn't irradiate itself to death. With sufficient energy and resources they reproduce ever 5 minutes. If something does attack a Spotted Radiomold colony, the colonial mat will expel a higher dosage of radiation along with spite into the water around them which can prove deadly to the attacker.