Spore-Feeding Piss Plant

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With the development of Bitchiphytes and the Spore-Womb Piss Tree, which develop highly nutritious structures to lure organisms into eating them, it did not take long before a population of Nightreaper Piss Plants would adapt to take advantage of such a resource. This would give rise to the Spore-Feeding Piss Plant, which is a specialized fruigvore. Much like the predatory Piss Hawk, the Spore-Feeding Piss Plant does not root itself to the ground at all, not even during the day. Instead, they will rest on a branch in short periods throughout the day to rest and photosynthesize, which are then broken up by them waking up and foraging for food. Taking to the wing, they use their newly developed eyes, which are more developed than even those of the Piss Hawk as they can see in defined colors, to search for Bitchiphytes or Spore-Womb Piss Trees. When they spot their food, they will land on them and use their calcified claws to get a grip while ripping off small chunks of food with their powerful beak. Once they rip off these chunks, the Spore-Feeding Piss Plant swallows them whole and so the spores of the flora get to travel a good distance before being regurgitated somewhere else and then growing into a new individual Bitchiphyte or Spore-Womb Piss Tree. As such, the Spore-Feeding Piss Plant is an important spore-disperser within cube. At night, the Spore-Feeding Piss Plant relies more heavily on the chemoreceptive feathers around their beak to navigate since their vision becomes limited in the darkness. This is when they are vulnerable to things such as the Piss Hawk or Fuzzy Piss-Snatcher.