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Another inhabitant of 2s2tworld’s obscure ocean depths, the Spoopymaw is appropriately an eerie sight. Descendants of a Soopybell population carried into the depths by the currents, these peculiar organisms have adapted well to these strange conditions.

The Spoopymaw typically spends its time drifting within the water column passively feeding on marine snow and plankton. Because its tissues are so unspecialized and not too demanding of energy, it has little impetus to move on its own, and thus relatively little of its energy ends up lost; if it is prompted to do so however, it can utilize multiple bands of cilia to push the greater fauna to a desired location.

The Spoopymaw also assumes a surprising predatory presence. A ring of elongate tentacle-like cilia rimming its orifice occasionally deposit chemicals reminiscent of marine snow to anything sensing it. Should such prey (like a Spoopyworm) approach the source of this chemical signature, the Spoopymaw extends its orifice wide and engulfs its catch; this behavior is what gives the Spoopymaw its namesake. Due to the relatively little cohesion of the Spoopymaw’s body, it can stretch quite wide, swallowing up prey that are otherwise larger than it. As the orifice zips up tight, its catch is gradually bathed in digestive enzymes, keeping the Spoopymaw fed for a good few weeks. Smaller bells may end up losing to the Savage Devilbruh's serrations should those end up swallowing it. With enough nutrients, a Spoopymaw may bud off a new organism from its apex.

Like its ancestry, the Spoopymaw contains bruh-derived digestive tissues, asshole-derived muscular tissues, and poopy-derived cilia and epithelial tissues. When illuminated, it appears transparent.