Spitemunching Asterblob

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Soopyfauna can be characterized by an inherently shared immunity or at least resistance to most current forms of spite, so it would be a “logical” development for a variety to specialize in feeding off the stuff. Enter the Spitemunching Asterblob, descendants of some freak Asterblobs which had Water Spite Flora compose the majority of their diets - eventually specializing in feeding upon them, and eventually the shed scales of Spitescales. Water Spite Flora sport a jelly-like consistency, and thus are easily ripped apart by both the Spitemunching Asterblob’s locomotory denticles and oral ring; the lightly-lignaceous Spitescale sheddings are a bit tougher to digest however. A combination of potent enzymes and the functions of Nuclear Laxative Poopycell cultures break both of these morsels down, while the corrugated shape of the stomach provides more surface area for their contents to be absorbed into the soopystar’s tissues. Because much of its meals are low in energy and nutrients, its metabolic functions have dropped accordingly; as a consequence of this, the Spitemunching Asterblob is somewhat bulkier to better retain its energy reserves and slower to minimize energy expenditure. Although not major components of its diet, this soopystar can rasp away at not-spiteful microbial mats or apprehend certain prey fauna; it seeks these items moreso as a nutrient supplement than energy gain.

A notable benefit to consuming such spiteful meals is that, by recycling the spite, the Spitemuncher Asterblob’s own tissues are much denser in the stuff, so much so that even certain soopyfauna may fall ill ingesting it (though fatalities are very exceptional). Such accumulations are advertised by a garish display of bold, industrial blue - a surefire reminder that whatever gets past its chitin supports will not go with a satisfying meal. Obviously the Spitemunching Asterblob retains much of its ancestral anatomy. Nerves radiate from a central ganglion to each of its six arms, allowing for surprisingly fine motor control with one or more leading arms. Gases and nutrients are distributed via hemocoel, with the former exchanged via diffusion. Setae on its dermis provide it with decent awareness of submarine vibrations, and its arm tips come equipped with simple eyes and chemoreceptive cirri. Locomotion is handled by bruh-derived denticles attached to assholey muscle. Whatever it can’t digest is expelled via an asymmetric anal pore. Also there’s a statocyst to help the fauna right itself.

Much like other soopystars, Spitemunching Asterblobs can convene in bountiful conditions to spawn. Exiting via an asymmetric genital pore, gametes are sent into the water to conjugate into eggs, which then hatch into many planktivorous Sooperpoopycell-like larvae. To get an early start in building up their vast spite reserves, these larvae may selectively pursue bruhs, then death noodles later on.