Spiteful Wiggler

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To better deter larger predators from eating them, Spiteful Wigglers developed a row of spines derived for hardened cilia to prick anything that tries to eat them. They also developed a habit of absorbing ambient levels of spite before transferring them into their tissues and spines to act as a deadly deterrent for predators. Much like their ancestors, the Spiteful Wiggler has several kinds of specialized cells in a certain order for maximum efficiency. At the very front, the first cell handles food, having the cillia pointing forward to help manipulate food only. The second cell retains a simple photoreceptor to detect predators so the whole colony can respond before it is too late. The Spiteful Wiggler colony use cilia to swim with a second set of cilia being developed into the defensive spines, the last cell also has a longer flagellum to assist with swimming. While the first cell has specialize to devour nutrients exclusively, all members of the colony are still capable of taking in detritus to some extent and the nutrients are shared with all cells in the chain from the detritus and their fusiotrophic metabolism. The Spiteful Wiggler is still moderately radioactive, able to burn smaller predatory cells if they try to attack. This protects them from smaller predators such as Bruhs while the spines and the doses of spite within their bodies provide protecting against most larger predators such as the legopigs.