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This specialized lineage of assbrain tried to be a parasite, but in trying to do so accidentally became a helpful symbiote that replaced the original parasitic varieties as it co-evolved with the spitescale. The spitebrain forms a film within the gut cavity of spitescales, with individual cells connected by neural fibers living deep within almost every part of the spitescale’s body. The spitebrain is able to absorb and contain a large amount of spite by generating extremely happy thoughts, thus counteracting the negativity of the spite. It then moves the neutralized spite from cell to cell until it reaches the outer bark of the spitescale, where it is excreted from the spitebrain and thus reactivates. Since the spite is deposited into the spitescale’s scales, it is shed along with the scales themselves.

The spitebrain also has a free-living form which forms networks on rocks and other surfaces, similar to its ancestor.