Spite Jelly

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With the only sophonts in the sky being microscopic and already being preyed upon by the more efficient Worms of Inevitable Inconvenience, the Sphere of death populations that lived in the sky turned towards taking a different niche, and became the Spite Jellies. Like the related Jello Spite Leaf, the Spite Jellies get a good amount of their energy from taking in large amounts of spite from the air around them, but they also get a good amount of energy from the sun via photosynthesis. The Spite Jelly has developed purple photosynthetic pigments to help get energy from sunlight, while the species has also developed leaf-like tendrils that help increase surface area for sunlight and help catch wind currents. Living only in the sky, the Spite Jellies spend much of their time high up in the sky in massive swarms during the day while cooler air currents at night bring the swarms close to the ocean surface. While the Spite Jelly does get most of their energy through passive means, anything that bumps into them they will actively consume. When something is too slow or too small to escape after making contact with the Spite Jelly, it will proceed to inject massive amounts of spite into the victim which usually kills them immediately though the digestive enzymes will do the trick as well if the prey is immune to spite and the tendrils envelop it. Soaring Swarmgulpers are a major threat due to their immunity to spite, and so the Spite Jellies keep up with fast reproduction rates. The evolution of the Spite Jelly has resulting in their ancestor dying out in the skies.