Spiny Towergrass

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Due to the life stage of the Thorny Pisstower involving the organism dying by becoming a balloon and detaching itself from the ground was relatively inefficient, some populations decided to ditch the whole thing all together and relied entirely on budding through their root systems instead. This would lead to the evolution of the Spiny Towergrass, which has completely lost the helium sac and now remain as the "pissbaby" stage. Aside from breeding entirely from the root systems, not much has changed in this species from their immediate ancestors "pissbaby" stage. For example, the Spiny Towergrass retains the large, lead-filled thorns to discourage browsing from local turdles and the ability to take ambient levels of spite for energy and incorporating it within their tissues for further defenses. This species can bud a new Spiny Towergrass stalk from the root systems and have it reach maturity within half a year, thus allowing the species to quickly develop large colonies of stalks that cover vast stretches of the "Dingus Scrub".