Sphere of imminent pirating

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The Spheres of Imminent Pirating (SIPs) are spheres of imminent farmers that started saying "hey, why should i have to spend time to cultivate my own crops?" So they just attack others and thus, the age of pirating begun.

They live in small factions with a hierarchical system, with the leader being known as the captain. However, the 'social' rankings are very fluid and it is very easy for a low ranking crewmate to usurp the captain.

They transformed their straw hats into tricorn-esque hats to identify which faction one belonged to. These tricorn 'hats' are physically connected to their body, and have different markings to identify which faction a member belongs to, and their ranking. While the markings are hard to tell apart from our eyes, appearing to be a certain Big m'ungus skull shape, the SIPs can easily tell apart the differences. Their right hand has been mineralized and shaped into a hook, which makes infighting (to settle disputes and usurping) and cutting the crops they steal easier. Their "sensing organ" is diminishing in effectiveness as they just steal already fresh crops to eat.

Theyve also developed woody peg-legs for personal decoration, and it is formed after an individual has matured and eaten enough piss. It is made out of the lignin found in their food.

They tend to decorate their Piss Children with the stromatolite cities of the Boneheads, and while the initial harvesting of these cities can be dangerous, they learn to coexist in relative peace, as it is more surface area for the Boneheads to build cities. This benefits the nanosophonts as they can wildly spread throughout space now, without having to build many of their own spaceships